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Where does your happiness come from?

Where does your happiness come from?
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HAPPINESS – is it really just a never ending, elusive, undulating pursuit…?


You know those moments where you instantly move from happiness to sadness? Do you sometimes find yourself asking, Why am I so unhappy? Why can’t I just get over it and stop feeling/being like this?

Could it be that happiness for you is dependent on external things?

If you want things to change in your life, YOU must be the catalyst. Others’ cannot be changed; not by force or anger or resentment. No matter how much you withdraw, pout, yell or accuse, others will remain as imbedded in themselves and their behaviour just as before.

What sustains you in your darkest hours?

What keeps your inner spark from fading into black for good?

Others may try – unwittingly or on purpose – to dim how bright you shine, but it is you and what is inside of you that keeps your spark alive.

Sit quietly for a few moments and focus inward: observe that part of your inner spirit that refuses to give up or give in. Find that resilient desire within you: cultivate it, love it, nurture it. When all else fades away, that is what you are left with to carry you through the deepest of fears and the loneliest of days, and rebuild your passion and purpose for life.

Knowing yourself, loving yourself, believing in yourself.. all make a life worth living when you face each day authentically, genuinely and with the knowledge that no matter what the day may bring – or who may bring it – you alone are the instigator of your own sparkle and shine: happiness.

Your life is your own. It is up to you and you alone. Find what lights your own fire and continue to nourish it the best way for you.

Are you ready?

Live a life you love…. and shine your brilliance on the world around you!


Have a wonderful weekend :)

Viki xo


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