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Discover my Simple Steps to Stop Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Peaceful Relationship With Food!

Viki Thondley Psych.Couns, DCHP, RTT, EFT

NeuroCounsellor & Coach, Mind-Body & EFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Wellness & Food Coach, Educator.

As a NeuroCoach, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner who’s recovered from Bulimia Nervosa and childhood trauma, I spend my days empowering adults and adolescents to clear and rewrite outdated belief programs to heal their worth, weight and eating issues without dieting, food obsession or medication.
I use an integrated and holistic approach of evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices that combine cognitive behavioural therapy, practical neuroscience, body based (somatic) exercises and energy psychology – a truly comprehensive approach to mental health and wellbeing.
Often co-concurrent issues, I specialise in the following:
    • Body, Weight & Food Concerns (psychology of eating)
    • Chronic Stress, Depression & Anxiety (low self-esteem)
    • Disordered Eating (Binge, Overeating) & Eating Disorder Recovery (Bulimia/EDNOS)

Integrative approaches for the Mind, Body, Brain & Nervous System to Heal, Recover & Experience Freedom!

Clinical NeuroHypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy easily assists the subconscious mind to uncover the ROOT cause of your mental programs, limiting beliefs, fears, addictions and unhealthy habits with practical neuroscience to powerfully change outdated programming and install new positive programs to support you.
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Mind-Body Coaching & Counselling

Mind-Body Coaching & NeuroCounselling blends practical neuroscience, positive psychology, energy psychotherapy (EFT) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). You’ll learn to holistically take charge of your life, meet your own needs, and align your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
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Eating Disorder Freedom & Recovery

After 18yrs struggling with bulimia nervosa I’m living proof of full recovery. As a highly regarded expert in holistic recovery from Eating Disorders, I’d love to help you overcome your food, body, weight and eating issues to reclaim your life and have freedom of mind.
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Mind-Body Self-Love Program

“Body Love Heals Body Hate”.. With my signature program you can break free of the diet cycle, embrace health at every size (HAES), eat mindfully and learn to trust your body wisdom. Gain the confidence to like & trust yourself and make peace with food.
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the Perfect way to Calm your Mind, Relax your Body and have the Best Night Sleep EVER!

“To Non-Diet means you are not trying to manipulate your weight. If you are trying to manipulate your weight the motivation is weight loss, not achieving and maintaining a healthy weight – whatever that may be for you.”

“I work with a wide variety of clients who suffer chronic stress, disordered eating behaviours, trauma, chronic pain, emotional imbalances, depression, anxiety, addictions, fears and energy blocks.
While I’m mindful of your symptoms, I focus on the root cause of underlying mind-body issues created by social and familial conditioning, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, conditioned fear, unhealthy addictions, personal identity, self-worth, lack of personal boundaries, unmet needs and inability to effectively respond to life challenges.
The answer is ALWAYS in your unconscious mind. You can’t change a pattern of behaviour until you first change the pattern of thinking behind the behaviour. I help you easily make change from the inside out without willpower, pain or force.”


of Emotional, Weight & Eating Issues


My whole perspective on life has changed, and better yet I have gained so much knowledge in how to overcome challenging times in my life, which I believe has been the greatest gift. I’ll be forever grateful for Viki and the work that she does – she’s a real game changer! Her unconditional guidance and support allowed me to finally gain clarity and awareness on how to overcome my limiting beliefs, and fix my mindset around food and body. I seriously felt so lost and helpless before seeing Viki and now my world has completely changed! I still cannot believe how the power of the mind can influence health so much more than just ‘what you eat’.” – Jess C (Coaching)

“When I saw the information about rapid transformational therapy I knew I had to try it. I had done a yoga and meditation class with Viki and even in those sessions her calm manner and empathy for others was evident. After a bout of postnatal depression three years ago after my youngest was born, I have struggled with ongoing anxiety, as well as more recently overwhelming feelings of frustration and anger with small things in my day to day. The experience of RTT itself was quite incredible, and I was able to identify the core underlying beliefs and experiences from early in my life that were creating this feeling of frustration with my current situation. Just knowing why has given me a clearer perspective and enabled me to be kinder to myself when things don’t go the way I’d like. I plan to keep listening to my audio regularly and then will be back to work on other areas of my life. Thanks Viki.” – Karen M (RTT)

“I’m feeling incredible. I feel completely weightless and calm. My brain has tried to go back into old habits but it automatically shifts. It’s incredible. I can’t thank you enough!” – Laura (RTT)

“From such a young age I have never been able to love myself, I have always hated my body and have never appreciated the awesome things that it does for me. After completing the 12 weeks with you, I have finally found who I am, I have changed completely. I have never felt the love I have for my own body, and my god does that feel amazing. I am constantly catching myself happily smiling at myself for no reason, I have changed my relationship with food and I no longer go to the fridge for comfort. I no longer sit in my room and stuff my face for hours on end until I physically cannot move anymore. The days of hating myself, and hiding away are long over and I have honestly never felt more alive. There is so much more to life then hating what you see in the mirror everyday and you have helped me to achieve this. There are honestly no words to describe how thankful I am to you and all you have done to help me get this far. I hope that one day I can thank you personally, because you will always have a special place in my heart. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me turn my life around.” – Megan D (Coaching)

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MindBodyFood Corporate Wellness Workshops Viki Thondley

Corporate WellBeing Workshops

Reduce absenteeism whilst increasing employee mental health and wellbeing with a tailored Stress Management or Wellness workshop. Always fun and interactive, Viki can help you create a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.
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MindBodyFood Guest Speaker Viki Thondley

Book Viki to Speak at Your Next Event

Book Viki as your next facilitator, keynote or guest speaker for your upcoming Wellness Workshop, Networking Group, Corporate Function, Community Education Session, School Event, or Work Presentation.
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Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Certification at the MindBodyfood Institute!

We’ve blended the best transformational tools into one unique coaching qualification AND we teach you the business of coaching so you not only feel confident in your skills, but can attract the right clients and grow a business and lifestyle you love.
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