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Love Your Body, Live Your Life

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Lover Your Body So You Can Finally Starting Living Your Life


Q – How do you love your body when all you can think of every spare minute of the day is what’s wrong with it?

A – Start thinking what’s RIGHT with it!

Think of your favourite pet: cat, dog, horse, bird…etc. If all you showed your loyal, loving pet was neglect, disappointment and resentment at looking after it, how do you think your pet would grow towards you? What do you think your pet would feel every time you showed it anger or frustration?

Your body is similar to caring for a pet. It needs love, attention and understanding. When you look at yourself in the mirror and only see what you don’t like about your body, you are not only ignorant to the attractive parts of you physically, but you also stop seeing the beauty in your own heart. You stop seeing your true self.

Who you are as a person is not defined by what you look like on the outside. Your physical appearance is more a display of the love, attention and understanding that you have for yourself – in other words, your SELF-RESPECT.

Loving your body is respecting your body and it’s high importance in your life. If you don’t value yourself first, you will not value your body. And when you spend most of your time criticising and degrading your body, you are certainly not showing it love, attention and understanding. You are beating it up and yourself in the process.






Stop hating your body by loving yourself. When you can love yourself you will love ALL of you, including the parts that you’ve spent a lifetime blaming.

Respect yourself, love your body and you can start to live your life.


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