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Holistic Counselling

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Holistic Counselling for whole-self nourishment, wellness, and emotional/physical healing and wellbeing.

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Sessions are available in-person or via Skype anywhere in the world.


  • Do you compare yourself, believe you’re a failure, or just can’t change?
  • Have you always worried about what others are thinking of you?
  • Are you holding onto feelings of blame, shame, anger or resentment?
  • Have you lost a sense of your own identity?
  • Do you feel lonely, undervalued or unfulfilled?
  • Have you turned to unhealthy addictions for comfort, distraction, punishment or control?
  • Are you overcome with anxiety and panic and existing under a cloudy haze?
  • Have you lost sight of your purpose or passion in life?
  • Do you wish you could change but don’t know how or where to start?


As a preventative holistic healthcare specialist, new clients come to me for a variety of reasons: Some are in pain and dis-ease from carrying the physical weight of their emotional burdens. Some feel overwhelmed and exhausted at taking care of others and are stuck in a rut they don’t know how to get out of. Many are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and beliefs keeping them stuck in exhaustive and self destructive patterns. Others wrestle with low self-esteem, struggle with people pleasing, and constantly worry over what others’ may be thinking of them.

At first, all of my clients are lacking confidence and self-belief to step out of their comfort zones and rise above their own negative thinking. Quite often anxiety, panic or depression has taken hold of their mindset. They are living far from their purpose and feel out of touch with their needs.

When I ask them what they’d like to be different, they almost always say, “I want to be happy. I want to feel in control. I just want my life back”. How would YOU like to be feeling and experiencing your life?

If you’re ready to be happy, feel better, embrace your true self and step into your own light,

I’m here to help you let go of the past and take loving responsibility for yourself and your future.


Throughout my twenties and thirties I spent every waking moment hating my body, feeling unworthy, and blaming my weight. I spent years denying myself food, love, relationships and happiness. I struggled with people-pleasing, low self-esteem, sugar cravings, food addiction, hormonal imbalances, intense stress, depression, emotional eating and 18 years of Bulimia Nervosa.

I kept looking outside of myself to fix how I felt, until the day I realised that I didn’t know myself at all. From that point on I began a deep healing of self-discovery, personal growth and a passion for life. I learnt to listen to my self-talk and understand why I kept making the same mistakes. I learnt to challenge and change my negative programming and take responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Meditation, stress management, energy balancing, lifestyle and nutritional changes were instrumental in realising my own potential, overcoming my fears, and making positive steps towards lasting change.

By reprogramming old patterns of conditioned thinking I was able to

shift focus and create positive feelings from the inside out. So can you!



Past mental, emotional and physical hurts can block our ability to move forward in life. If you’ve learnt to think, feel or behave in a certain way you can unlearn it and reprogram your mind to think, feel and behave according to who you choose to be in this moment.

Holistic Counselling takes into account ALL aspects of a person: Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. If one area in your mind or life is not being fulfilled, then other areas of your life will soon reflect this and start to suffer too.

Wouldn’t you rather feel empowered to release past pain and move forward in your life?

Using integrated therapies in mind-body tools and techniques, energy medicine, autonomic nervous system realignment, neuroscience, and the principles of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology, you will reconnect to your inner self and learn techniques and tools to support and enhance your wellbeing as a whole – resulting in a more fulfilling and comprehensive approach to transformation from the inside out.

Working with me is a refreshing experience of discovering the REAL and ROOT causes of

your ill health, unhappiness and dis-ease within your mind, body and heart.



My holistic approach and expansive toolkit allow me to work with a wide variety of clients who suffer mood and chronic stress disorders, trauma, chronic pain, emotional imbalances, depression, anxiety, addiction (esp. food, people-pleasing and self-sabotage) and physical, mental and energy blocks.

I focus on the root cause of underlying mind-body issues created by social and familial conditioning, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, conditioned fear, unhealthy addictions, personal identity, self-worth, lack of personal boundaries, unmet needs and inability to effectively respond to life challenges.

Working with me will help you empower yourself with self-awareness, freedom from past conditioning, free flowing energy and cognitive problem-solving skills. Learn how to process emotions, release negative energy, and develop a peaceful inner resilience to support your health and well-being using mental reprogramming, meditation therapy, stress awareness, energy medicine techniques, and whole food nourishment to create a long-term supportive lifestyle.

And remember:
  • You don’t need something or someone else to complete you and make you feel whole.
  • You need to uncover the cause of your emotional blocks, limited thinking and self-sabotaging ways to move forward.
  • You can only mask your true feelings for so long in bad habits, unhealthy addictions and destructive relationships.

It is my pleasure to support and encourage you every step in creating greater happiness, confidence, success and balance across all areas of your life. Comfortably learn new skills, tools and ways of approach to gain a greater perspective of who you are, want you want and how to create it!

Today, RIGHT NOW, is always the best time to start! I’d be honoured to guide you into whole-self nourishment and holistic living to finally love yourself, appreciate your body and own your life!



Release mental, emotional and physical blocks so you can create a healthier, happier and much brighter future!


Sessions are available in-person or via Zoom online meeting anywhere in the world.

If you do not require the depth of mindset, behaviour change, emotional healing or life balance that holistic counselling can deliver, yet need to improve your health and wellness habits in areas including stress, lifestyle, whole food, weight and fitness please take a look at my Signature MindBodyFood Program.
If you suffer from an Eating Disorder, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating or Disordered Eating, please take a look at my Eating Disorder Recovery page.


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