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  • The MINDBODYFOOD Connection

    What you eat, think, feel, say and do ALL have a huge impact on your mindset, mood, health, relationships, work, stress, weight and wellness.

    Calm your mind, Relax Your Body, Eat with Pleasure!

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    Self, Work, Relationships, Nourishment... Make your health, happiness and wellbeing a priority!

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    Meditation clears the pathway between mind and body and opens the way to health, happiness and healing.

    Mindfulness, Zen, Mantra, Guided, Creative, Inner Child, Weight Management, Depression, Anxiety...

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    Overworked, Under-Nourished, Sleep Deprived?

    Stress chemistry increases your risk of depression, anxiety and weight gain. Learn how to use your mind to relax your body, reduce your stress and balance your weight.

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The Mind Body Food Connection

Find Happiness, Release Weight and Fall in Love with Eating!

Imagine you KNOW you’re the most important person in your life…. You wake up with energy and can’t wait to get going! You look in the mirror and love what you see! You make time to calm your mind, move your body and feed your soul – every day. You love yourself – and it shows with every thought you think, word you speak, and food choice you make! This is a harmonious mind body food connection, but how often do you feel like this?


Holistic Counsellor, Wellness, Food & Lifestyle Coach, Meditation Therapist, and ED Recovery Coach

Who we are, what we think and how we feel affects our hormones, digestion, assimilation and metabolism, as well as our eating, stress and lifestyle habits. Every thought, feeling and food choice creates or breaks down your biochemical balance, which can increase stress and struggle between your mind, body and weight.

Dissatisfaction with ourselves, in any form, often creates feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth – especially when it comes to our happiness and what we look like. We get so caught up in what other people think and say to us, and often make choices out of fear or anxiety.

Dieting creates a sense of lack and adds to the pressure of not feeling good enough. These negative feelings only feed our negative self-talk, and keep us stuck in our programmed reality – building stress, unhappiness, anxiety and depression.

I navigated my own mental programming to change mis-beliefs, process negative emotions and release myself from the past. I got happy, lost weight and fell in love with myself and food! So can YOU!


Learn to love yourself and transform your mindset, body and life!

Together we’ll look at your nutrition and lifestyle habits, stress triggers and responses. We’ll sort through your limiting beliefs and isolate the mental programming that’s keeping you stuck. And we’ll clarify your needs to start making healthful changes.

Along the way I’ll teach you about the mind-body-food connection to empower, energise, heal and improve every aspect of your health and well-being. I explain how stress can impact your mind and body in all kinds of ways, and I’ll teach you breathing, relaxation and stress management techniques to help you create a more supportive lifestyle. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make peace with your past and replace negative and outdated beliefs
  • Love yourself from the inside out
  • Free yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • Bring the pleasure back to food and eating
  • Finally give your mind, body and spirit the nourishment they deserve
  • Tune into your internal wisdom and never diet, starve, deprive or restrict again!


Are YOU ready for whole-self loving and holistic living?

I spent years hating myself, blaming my weight and neglecting my needs. I believed I wasn’t good enough.

  • I believed I was unworthy and unlovable.
  • I hated my reflection and my body bits and pieces.
  • I wouldn’t let myself be happy until I was thinner, prettier, smarter.

My punishment for not being perfect was an obsession with food and dieting. I spent 18 years starving, depriving and restricting myself of love, comfort, safety, support, connection and belonging. It consumed me and nearly killed me.

Finally something had to change… It was time to stop looking outside of myself and make peace with the woman within. It was time to celebrate her strengths and use them to my advantage. I already had everything I needed. And so do YOU!

V in the Kitchen

The MindBodyFood approach is unique in combining the philosophies and strategies of Holistic Counselling, Wellness Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Neuroscience, EFT, Personal Development, Lifestyle Strategies, Hormone Balancing, Exercise & Movement, and scientifically proven techniques using Meditation & Stress Therapy.

While working with me you’ll discover your strengths, listen to your thoughts, develop new skills, challenge limiting beliefs, respond to your feelings, release your fears, fulfil your needs and choose your behaviour… skills for long term health, happiness and holistic living.

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Connect with your Authentic Self. Find your way back home to YOU.

CoursesClassesPrivate Tuition & Stress Therapy.

I’m known as a generous, insightful and inspiring Meditation Teacher and Stress Therapist who offers various options and tailored treatment plans for specific conditions.

I guide clients and students throughout a wide range of meditation styles and techniques to suit their individual learning style and personal journey. With my quick-wit and warm-heart, I’ll quickly have you at ease and discovering your true inner self in no time!

No pressure or judgement, only complete support, acceptance and guidance.

Meditation can noticeably make positive changes to your physical, mental and emotional states. It’s the natural, drug-free method of reducing stress and living a calmer, more confident and conscious life.

When mindful living is combined with natural movement, whole-self nourishment, corrected mental programming and inner stress relief, you find happiness, health and confidence from within.

 V on Couch

Make yourself a priority in your own life.

The MindBodyFood Coach

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