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"Ruin and Recovery are both from within." - Epictetus

MindBodyFood founder Viki Thondley

Do you want a happy mind, a healthy body and a low-stress lifestyle?

“After years learning about the mind-body connection and how food and stress impact our health, happiness and wellbeing, I now help others struggling with stress, emotional trauma, eating issues and low self-esteem to let go of the past, release stress & trust themselves around food.

My passion is in helping you appreciate the holistic connection between your mindset, mood, gut, food, stress, weight and emotions to finally be happy, love yourself, and taste freedom!”

Viki Thondley-Moore, Adv.Dip (Med.Thpy.Hol.Couns), Adv.Dip (Life.Coach), HHC

Holistic Mind-Body Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Wellness/Lifestyle & Food Coach, Stress Educator, Eating Disorder Specialist, Speaker, Author, Workshop Facilitator



….constantly angry with yourself at your obsession with food and your weight?

….feeling depressed, afraid or anxious, and always worrying about everything?

….tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, neglected and unhappy?




MindBodyFood Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed, like your days are on repeat? A Holistic Counselling session will help you get clear about what’s most important to you and how you can prioritise it. Learn tools to reduce stress and change your thinking and behaviour.

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MindBodyFood Signature Lifestyle Program

MindBodyFood Signature Program

Desperate to stop food controlling your life? Ditch the diet, stop shaming your body, reduce stress and trust yourself around food with my signature program, tailored to your unique needs.
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MindBodyFood Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery

I’ve experienced my own 18 year struggle with Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating and I’m living proof of full recovery. I’m a highly regarded expert in alternative healing and recovery from Eating Disorders, and I’d love to help you.
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MindBodyFood Meditation As Medicine Private Tuition

Private Meditation Therapy

Suffer with chronic stress, anxiety and depression? Is it affecting your sleep, mood, weight? Meditation can easily guide you into a relaxed state and teach you the mind-body tools to feel calm, centred and focused – immediately!
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MindBodyFood Workshops & Live Events in Toowoomba

Workshops & Live Events in Toowoomba

Take your health, happiness, relaxation and wellbeing to a higher level of understanding with informative, educational and inspiring workshops, group coaching and retreats that create inner transformation!
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MindBodyFood Corporate Wellness Workshops Viki Thondley

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Reduce stress leave & absenteeism with personalised Corporate Stress Management, Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, Stress, Meditation & Whole Food workshops in an interactive or seminar setting to create healthier, happier and more productive workers.
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MindBodyFood Guest Speaker Viki Thondley

Looking for a Guest Speaker?

Book Viki as your next facilitator, keynote or guest speaker for your upcoming Wellness Event, Networking Group, Corporate Function, Community Education Session, School or Work Presentation.
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Study with MindBodyFood Institute

An Exciting Career In Holistic Health!

The Accredited Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development is your fully qualified start to building a rewarding career and business in the exciting field of health, wellness and mind-body medicine!
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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety or panic? Does each new day simply feel like the last?

Have you lost a sense of who you are, what you need or where you’re going in life?

Has food, alcohol or toxic relationships become your addiction? 



Check out which of my eBooks, Meditation Albums, Workshops and Live Events can help you!

 Achieving Your Wellness eBook Viki Thondley MindBodyFood Healthy Chocolate Delights eBook Viki Thondley MindBodyFood Break Up with Dieting eBook Viki Thondley MindBodyFood


I work with a wide variety of clients who suffer chronic stress, eating disorders, trauma, chronic pain, emotional imbalances, depression, anxiety, addiction (esp. food, people-pleasing and self-sabotage) and physical, mental and energy blocks. I focus on the root cause of underlying mind-body issues created by social and familial conditioning, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, conditioned fear, unhealthy addictions, personal identity, self-worth, lack of personal boundaries, unmet needs and inability to effectively respond to life challenges. How Can I Help YOU?



The MindBodyFood Coach

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Coaching and Counselling available in person, over the telephone, or online via Skype.

Coaching, Counselling, Courses, Workshops, Seminars and speaking engagements available Australia-Wide.

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