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Do you like a bit of laughter alongside your learning?

As an admired leader in holistic modalities using mind-body relaxation tools, subconscious re-programming, meditation as medicine, eating psychology, and bulimia and emotional eating recovery, Viki is a powerhouse speaker with a warm and passionate presence.

She is renowned for her vast knowledge and inspired ability to communicate complex concepts and research into easily understandable ideas and insights.

Viki has an instinctive ability to understand her audience and speak their language. She has a knack of explaining and exposing the subconscious stories we tell ourselves, and gently encourages you to confront your thoughts by becoming aware of the negative self-talk hiding in your subconscious mind.

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Having overcome a long history of self-abuse, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, personal trauma and mind battles with her self and her body, Viki gets to the core of why we get stuck in self-sabotage, how stress can overwhelm us, and what we can do to create long lasting change and live a life of our own design.

Viki believes that humour belongs in an educational space to lighten the load of stress, pain and overwhelm. She will entertain you with transformational stories about memorable clients and her own personal ups and downs, with the intention to instil the belief that YOU too can change your life!

Your audience will be engaged with plenty of A-ha’s and personal insights to leave inspired, motivated, and armed with new knowledge and greater self-awareness than before they arrived.

Your students, employees, colleagues or organisation will learn life-enhancing mind-body relaxation and lifestyle tools to help understand your stress, why and how you remain in habitual patterns, the importance of self-care and lifestyle practices, and most importantly, arm you with the knowledge and ability to get unstuck and on track with your health and lifestyle goals.

Workshop or speaking topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • The mind-body-food connection– health, happiness, weight and wellbeing
  • The stress response – what is it, recognise physical stress, relaxation techniques
  • Eating Psychology and mind-body nutrition – stress, eating and weight habits
  • Depression, anxiety and panic – mind–body relaxation and healing techniques
  • Self-care and personal boundaries – creating a daily routine or plan
  • Meditation as medicine – history, neuroscience, how to and demonstration
  • Overcoming emotional and/or binge eating
  • Reprogramming your mental computer and rewiring your brain – neuroplasticity and the power of story
  • Sugar addiction and hormones
  • Whole food or raw chocolate/ raw desserts workshops – learning how to use nutrient dense whole foods and healthy substitutes
  • Depression, anxiety and panic – mind-body relaxation and healing techniques
  • Psychoneuroimmunology – embrace your emotions and personal power

Viki can focus on one particular topic OR create several different workshop themes to be covered over a specified time frame.

Added value and take-home tools are provided for with specific and actionable worksheets, mind-body tools, meditation CDs and whole food recipes.

Viki’s goal is always to inspire people into happier relationships with their mind and bodies, food and eating, managing stress and prioritising self-care, and aims to ensure that every single participant takes away value, awareness and personal insights.

Book Viki as your next facilitator, keynote or guest speaker for your upcoming or planned Wellness Event, Networking Group, Corporate Function, Community Education Session, School or Work Presentation.

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