Rapid Transformational Therapy, Holistic Coaching, Weight Loss, Stress, Depression, Eating Disorders


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“Honestly where do I begin. The experience of growth and empowerment I had with Viki over the course of the 12 weeks was incredible. I never thought I would get to a stage where I could truly be comfortable in my own skin/body. I also did not think I would ever be able to re-live and experience some past childhood trauma in order to heal this. Viki at all times made me feel so comfortable and supported every step of my journey with her. At times it was confronting and she definitely did challenge me. But if I was not for such challenges and being encouraged to face such issues I would not have had a successful outcome with her coaching like I did. This beautiful soul has changed my life and I truly can’t thank her enough. I will forever be grateful for the support she provided me.” – LV


“I first learnt of RTT on Viki’s facebook page and started researching as I am a sceptic when presented with something new that sounds too good to be true! The decision to contact Viki and attend sessions has certainly been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I had struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem since early childhood and spent many hours and dollars on various therapies (mainstream and alternate) without really overcoming that sense of fear and uneasiness that was a fundamental part of me. I was quite nervous at first however, Viki put me at ease with her gentle and caring nature. Initially, I felt quite drained after the sessions but this passed and I became aware of subtle changes in my general outlook on life and moods. I am so much more at ease in all situations, even when under pressure and now have a quiet confidence which has improved my relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. I am more comfortable taking on new roles and more responsibility at work and no longer doubt my abilities. I can’t believe it’s taken only three sessions to achieve the improvements I have. The benefits of RTT are worth every cent. Thank you Viki for changing my life!” – Mel


“For many years my weight has fluctuated up and down like a yoyo and since attending my session with you to achieve a steady 60kg, I have become calmer: no longer craving for food, nourishing my body with foods that are resulting in weight loss, a digestive system that is functioning at a much better level, more energy, and more aware of what my body requires for optimal health and well-being. I no longer use scales as I am more focused on loving me for simply who I am – and 1kg of reaching my goal. The power of reprogramming my mind to form new habits, thoughts and behaviours is immense, and I would thoroughly recommend this process to anyone who is struggling with weight.” – Lesley H (RTT & Coaching)

“After 21 days of listening to the recording, I feel more relaxed and more comfortable within myself. I actually find myself sleeping better which I didn’t realise I had much of a problem with. My partner told me I’m more confident and not on edge all the time like I used to be, and overall I just feel a lot lighter about myself. Thanks for all your help Viki.” – Adriana Rettke (RTT)

“When I sought assistance from Viki I was struggling with deep seated feelings of anger, which when I reflected I have been managing since I was a child. This feeling was my initial response to most issues – even if I did not openly display this reaction, it lay deep in my gut consistently. I don’t know whether I could actually pinpoint a specific event that caused this, but certainly a difficult childhood was a contributing factor. I had some prior basic knowledge of the hypnotherapy techniques used in the consultation with Viki and I was skeptical as to how and if it would work for me, but kept myself open to healing and receiving a positive outcome. Wow, I am so glad that I did and that I did the work and follow up required to receive the full benefits of the healing and change. I noticed around the middle of the 21 days cycle that I felt some movement with the feelings deep in my stomach. By 21 days I did a meditation and established that the healing was complete. Since then I have taken particular note as to my responses to various events in my life. I am so excited to report that I feel calm, cool and that tight knot has dissipated completely! Thank you so much, this is actually quite life-changing.”  – Kylie Hollonds (RTT)

“Viki – I freaking love you. You’re a goddess.” – Tanya Hennessy, Australian Radio Announcer

“I did a lot of research to choose a coach. I was looking for certain qualities. My expectations have been exceeded working with Viki. Reading Viki’s website on Holistic RTT I was confident that this was something I would benefit from. Viki was the perfect guide helping me to safely re-visit moments in time that had impacted my internal belief systems that are not serving me well anymore. From the first hour after my session I knew I had changed. As the days went by every night listening to my recording I felt different and started to respond differently to situations that arose throughout my day. I started to wake up early in the mornings feeling alert and optimistic and with a new mental dialogue in my thinking, and physically I walked differently and spoke differently. Very grateful to Viki for her commitment to excellence and to making a difference in the lives she touches. Thank you Viki for your inspiration, honesty and passion.” – Karen Wright-Kay (Coaching & RTT)

“I had seen information about Rapid Transformational Therapy on YouTube and was impressed. When I learnt that Viki was using it in her practice I was eager to give it a go. I am so impressed by the results. I specifically went for help with anxiety associated with driving. I have suffered with this for 30 years. My driving anxiety had stopped me enjoying many activities and events as my first thoughts would be how to get there, what the traffic was like, the parking situation and was I capable? Now I don’t need to prepare myself and ask those questions. I trust myself and my abilities. I no longer second guess myself, and just as importantly, I no longer worry about what other’s think of me and my driving. THANKS SO MUCH VIKI.” – Coral Cohen (RTT)

“When I sought help from Viki I was struggling with feelings of not being good enough, low self esteem and that I was unlovable, which had started from a very early age. I had tried many other therapies previously to help me move past these issues, they did help, but only seemed to be temporary until my subconscious mind took over again. When I learned that this process used hypnotherapy I initially had concerns, as I had not experienced this type of therapy before. I was happy to work with Viki because of her caring, professional and comforting nature – I knew I would be in safe hands. I am glad that I decided to work with Viki and experience this therapy. After my initial consultation with Viki, I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, I experienced slight changes at first and these changes continue. Now my confidence has increased, I feel that I now have a voice, and I have the ability to do anything that I want to do, if and when I choose. I now feel comfortable knowing that I don’t have to be the same as anyone else – I am an individual. I would recommend anyone to experience RTT with Viki, it is an amazing experience and it’s amazing your subconscious mind seems to know exactly the time when these situations that shaped those negative thoughts occurred. With RTT your subconscious mind is reprogrammed. Thank you Viki, what an amazing life changing experience.” – Bron Allen (RTT)

Bronwyn’s testimonial straight after her RTT session…


“When I saw the information about rapid transformational therapy I knew I had to try it. I had done a yoga and meditation class with Viki and even in those sessions her calm manner and empathy for others was evident. After a bout of postnatal depression three years ago after my youngest was born, I have struggled with ongoing anxiety, as well as more recently overwhelming feelings of frustration and anger with small things in my day to day. The experience of RTT itself was quite incredible, and I was able to identify the core underlying beliefs and experiences from early in my life that were creating this feeling of frustration with my current situation. I still have some work to do to completely overcome these beliefs but just knowing why has given me a clearer perspective and enabled me to be kinder to myself when things don’t go the way I’d like. I plan to keep listening to my audio regularly and then will be back to work on other areas of my life. Thanks Viki.” – Karen Makkai (RTT)

“I’ve spent years suffering from inner pain. I never thought I would start to find peace with my body until I found Viki. Deciding to invest with this beautiful soul is one of the best things I’ve ever done. After my first RTT session I decided to do more work with her and after only two sessions I’m seeing amazing transformations in my thoughts around my body. I couldn’t recommend her enough and will forever be grateful for her endless support she provides me through this process of healing.” – Laura Vincent (RTT & Coaching)

“That was amazing! I’ve tried other modalities but this went so much deeper and resolved issues I thought I’d already worked through. Now I finally have. I absolutely recommend RTT, it’s excellent.” – Bronwyn Allen (RTT)

READ MORE about RTT here…

“When I sought help from Viki I was struggling with self worth issues and unable to love or value myself, it had manifested into a multitude of personal problems including illness, anxiety and depression and was greatly impacting my life but also the lives of my loved ones. I had a few reservations about [hypnotherapy and RTT with how effective it might be for me, was it going to be traumatic or painful for me? There was a bit of concern for me with the amount of visits and associated costs it might take to reach an outcome, and could it really make a difference for me??  I decided to take a leap of faith and work with Viki because I have been following her Facebook page for a few years and the timing of some of her articles and the synchronicity of some of my personal events led to my own realisation that I was going to need help to change my belief patterns in myself.
The idea of RTT had me intrigued and hopeful, I rang Viki and discussed the option of RTT. It sounded promising and I was hopeful and keen to give it a go. I’m so glad I did because now I feel so much lighter in my mind and spirit. I feel clearer in thought, my self chatter has gone, I am kinder to myself. I am tolerant and forgiving of my limits, I am receiving and feeling the love from my family, my heart feels lighter and happier. I am sleeping better after listening to my personalised hypnosis message, it was such an easy and gentle transformation!
Just one session to achieve how I feel now is incredible! I am nothing but full of amazement and gratitude for Viki. I walked into my  RTT session not really knowing what to expect. I was a mixture of curiosity, optimism, and a little bit of fear of the unknown…. but I felt safe and reassured by Viki’s gentle and calm nature. Viki explained everything and consulted with me on my needs and expectations of what would make the best possible impact for me, she made sure I was totally comfortable with the process.
I was aware of everything, it was a gentle and calm process, I awoke from the alpha brain state feeling refreshed, relaxed, calm and at peace internally. I am so grateful Viki, you have helped me break through a barrier that I have been unable to achieve my whole life! My advice to anyone considering trying RTT with Viki is proceed with an open mind and heart, there is nothing to fear and so much to gain, and I honestly believe you will be so glad you did! Thank you Viki, I have so much gratitude for your wonderful caring and gentle approach.” – Blessings, Cynthia Moffatt

“I’m feeling incredible. I feel completely weightless and calm. My brain has tried to go back into old habits but it automatically shifts. It’s incredible. I can’t thank you enough!” – Laura Vincent (RTT)

“I’m gobsmacked. I actually felt like I was much lighter in spirit, like a load had been lifted. Since seeing you things have definitely changed. For starters, instead of being a couch potato I will get up and do things. Things that I would keep putting off because I thought they were too hard, I just get in to. The food issue is a lot better although I still feel as if there is a little tug of war going on inside sometimes. It is amazing however that my mind just steers me in other directions rather than think about the unhealthy foods. As far as being more physical, even though I have not started an exercise routine, I am so much more active. I have been moving rocks on the property and been happy to be out in the sunshine, or I walk more around the place as I do a bit of gardening, or tend the chooks, or just spend time with our animals. So Viki, that’s how life has been for the past week. Thank you.” – Julie Rettke (RTT)

“I had been reading all the self help books out there and from this (thought I) knew what I should be doing to help change how I was feeling around food and body. However, it wasn’t until I started with Viki that I finally got some real breakthroughs. Her unconditional guidance and support allowed me to finally gain clarity and awareness on how to overcome my limiting beliefs, and fix my mindset around food and body.

My whole perspective on life has changed, and better yet I have gained so much knowledge in how to overcome challenging times in my life, which I believe has been the greatest gift. I’ll be forever grateful for Viki and the work that she does – she’s a real game changer! I seriously felt so lost and helpless before seeing Viki and now my world has completely changed! I still cannot believe how the power of the mind can influence health so much more than just ‘what you eat’.” – Jess Cheney, Nutritionist (Holistic Coaching)

“I have been trying to come up the right words to say to you, but every time I go to write them they just don’t do any justice to how I feel. You have completely changed my life, as you know that from such a young age I have never been able to love myself, I have always hated my body and have never appreciated the awesome things that it does for me. After completing the 12 weeks with you, I have finally found who I am, I have changed completely. I have never felt the love I have for my own body, and my god does that feel amazing. I am constantly catching myself happily smiling at myself for no reason, I have changed my relationship with food and I no longer go to the fridge for comfort. I no longer sit in my room and stuff my face for hours on end until I physically cannot move anymore.

The days of hating myself, and hiding away are long over and I have honestly never felt more alive. There are days I still have a few insecurities about myself, but I no longer let those insecurities rule my life, I don’t let them define who I am and they definitely don’t determine my self worth. There is so much more to life then hating what you see in the mirror everyday and you, have helped me to achieve this.

I am so happy that I stumbled across your website that day, because you have helped me realise that there are always brighter days ahead. There are honestly no words to describe how thankful I am to you and all you have done to help me get this far. I hope that one day I can thank you personally, because you will always have a special place in my heart. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me turn my life around.” – Megan D (Holistic Coaching)

“Day 21 without alcohol! I’m sleeping better and waking up fresher. I’m eating pretty healthy, may have even shed a couple kgs. I feel really good. Haven’t missed a day of my recording either.” – Toni May (RTT)


“Thank you for facilitating such an amazing event yesterday. I for one had a massive light bulb moment. For years I have felt like I was in the wrong moment, lost in time or searching for something – I now realise it was ME I was searching for. I’m really looking forward to my upcoming journey. Thank you again. xx” – Chayne W

“Thank you for such a wonderful day, Viki! I’ve learned so much in one day and been given so much food for thought (see what I did there  ). Inviting Tanya to be today’s guest speaker was an inspired choice. Very much looking forward to the next event. xo” – Gail H

“Over the 8 week sessions I learnt so much about myself that I wouldn’t have even thought about. I am very grateful that someone recommended you, you really are amazing and very inspirational. I have taken on board the stress and breathing techniques and will continue my gratitude journal for a very long time. You have taught me so much about my thought process and how to enjoy living in the moment. Thank you for giving me the confidence, understanding, positive attitude and knowledge to continue on this journey. I can’t thank you enough.” – Lauren G

      “That was amazing! Intense, but amazing!” – Karen M (RTT)


“Before I came to you I was struggling with severe depression & an eating disorder. I hated myself completely, at only 18 years old. My life hasn’t even started and I already wanted it to end. Doing the 12 weeks wellness course with you allowed me to change my habits and create new ones. I had learned to love myself, which about two months later, I truly do. I have learned so much more about nutrition, and looking after myself. I have a full understanding of things I didn’t understand before.

This course has changed my life completely, helping me to learn healthy eating habits, and to help me start my life. I have so many plans set in place now. I never would have done any of these things without your help. I didn’t have the motivation to do anything but mope and hate myself. I didn’t understand how to pull myself out and CHANGE the way my life was going. I am so thankful I decided to get in contact and do the course with you, as it has changed my outlook on life. The diary I wrote my weekly goals in – I still continue to write goals in.

I have gone down from 100mg of anti depressants and  haven’t had ANY for about a month now, and I have been feeling great! I have not had any relapses with my eating problems, I have learnt the proper way to control myself around food and have a stable routine. I am working on myself daily, and enjoying life the way I should be at 18. I took a photo a few weeks ago and compared it to my “sexy” viewpoint when I was struggling, and I believe that NOW my body is beautiful, not the unhealthy-weakly-thin body I once had. 

I cannot put into words how thankful I am for your help, as I have a completely different viewpoint on my entire life now. I know everybody around me has seen the changes and is also thankful. I am so appreciative of all of this, thank you thank you thank you.” – Tahlia H

“Meeting Viki has saved my life. I am recovering from bulimia after 20 years from a disease that took control of my life! I had found Viki’s website and I had saved it into my favourites but never got around to contacting her. One day I had such a bad episode, overeating and purging, and something inside said enough. I knew the harm this was doing to my body, mind and soul. So as embarrassed as I was to admit to someone again (yes I tried physiologists which were no help to me) that I had an eating disorder, I finally called.

My first phone call with Viki gave me such hope. Viki was warm, understanding and very empathic. Knowing that she had recovered from the exact same disorder made it so much easier to trust and relate to her. I spent many weeks with Viki and gained so much insight that I could not possibly write it all down. I learnt to love myself for the strong, intelligent, courageous, resilient and loving person that I am. I learnt to breathe. I learnt to love food as it is not the enemy. Most importantly I learnt to stop blaming and hating myself.

As I continue to recover from my eating disorder, I still think of moments or sayings I shared with Viki during my sessions. She is a beautiful woman on the inside and out and I am so grateful I have met her. Lastly she has a wicked sense of humour which I loved. As they say laughter is the best medicine.” – Julie N

“The course content was more than I expected! I stopped having “monday-itis” because I knew mondays meant meditation! I most liked being taken away from the constant thoughts of daily life and being able to tune out for a while, learning different stress management techniques and that it’s okay to say No! It’s even healthy! Thank you Viki for a great 6 weeks.” – Jess


“Viki you are brilliant. Easy to learn from and a great motivator. I was so thrilled that I was able to receive the CD which has been of great help. The course was more than I expected.” – Dawn

“Over the six week course I learnt so much about myself. It’s been a very long time since I have concentrated on ME…..I always felt guilty before. I also realised that I have been trying to change my family to suit my needs, instead of just accepting them for the lovely people they are. Since I have been using my new found knowledge and skills that I have learnt I feel like the real Paula is returning – the one that can smile, love and have fun. I know I have a lot of work to do but I am excited about my future for the first time in ages. Viki I thank you so much for helping me to love myself again.” – Paula B

“Viki, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and want to thank you again for your help. I feel that I’ve learned so much about myself and what I can achieve.” – Sue

“(My daughter) is a different girl after the program, so thank you very much.” – Annie


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