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Merry Christmas + Happy Eating Tips on Xmas Day

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+ happy eating tips!

It’s that time of year again – when many of us freak out at the abundant supply of festive food that is often on our “forbidden/bad/diet says no” lists.

Personally I don’t struggle with festive food like I used to in the throws of my Eating Disorder days. I simply know what I’m eating by preparing many foods myself with whole, natural and nutrient dense freshness. If I can’t really tell what’s in the food on the serving plates I don’t eat it.

I always make sure that I continue to get up and meditate or go for a walk to kick-start my day with a positive frame of mind, and perhaps reaffirm my intention to treat myself and my body with love, kindness and respect.

It’s a great idea to remember that Christmas is about family, friends and connection. Focusing more on the conversation, the special moments and taking in the love and laughter into your heart will help you relax and enjoy the experience so much more than worrying about food and your weight all day long. Stress and worry will only add to your discomfort and inability to digest food properly.

Remember to slow down and savour the food before you, as much as the company around you. Practise mindful eating and mindful living.

A few tips to remember:

  1. Breathe diaphragmatically (into your belly) and use your breath to stay connected to the moment, your feelings, your hunger and fullness signals.
  2. Stay hydrated with water and fruit/vitamin water before meals and in-between drinks.
  3. Look at and smell your food before eating to stimulate digestive juices and prepare the body and brain for nutrients.
  4. Take a mouthful then put your cutlery down to focus on chewing and tasting, noticing the texture and flavours. Enjoy your food!
  5. Savour the whole experience and truly allow yourself to be in the moment so you can freely enjoy family, food, fun and laughter.


If you follow these steps and slow down to really take in the experience of your own personal Christmas festivities, then you’ll activate your relaxation response, propel your digestion to break down and assimilate your food optimally, and give your stomach (gut brain) a chance to tell your brain that you’ve received nourishment and it was totally satisfying!

Have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas

Wishing you health, happiness and confidence 🙂

Viki  xo

Viki Thondley | The MindBodyFood Coach



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