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Is Self-Worth Found In the ‘Perfect’ Sized Jeans?

Is Self-Worth Found In the 'Perfect' Sized Jeans?
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Is Self-Worth Found In the ‘Perfect’ Sized Jeans?

During a little spring clean of my denim jeans drawer last week I was inspired to create a video for my YouTube Channel and bare my bedroom clean-out with all my social media subscribers.

Apparently I was oblivious to just how many pairs of denim jeans I had accumulated and held onto over the last ten years – waiting for the day I was ‘thin enough’ to wear them again. 

For some reason every time my Beloved would help me clean out my wardrobe (you know, with the approving nod or the toss-it-out shake) I was reluctant to let go of my “favourite” pair of jeans.

Who knew I had twenty-six favourite jeans?!

When I realised the extent of my decade long hoard, I decided to throw them all out – well, 9 pairs. I do actually wear the other 17. 

Yes… really.

My jeans video generated a LOT of emails and comments.

Watch it HERE!!



It seems there are many of you out there who have always been swept up in buying jeans of a certain colour, style and size only to store them away in your drawers, cupboards and suitcases waiting for the day your body would finally be able to fit into them.

In taking up my challenge to #ThrowOutYourJeans I received over a dozen pictures of neatly folded denim jeans stacked high in piles, putting my measly pile of 9 to shame.

At last check, the highest number of a denim jeans collection was 60. Yes… 60!

How many pairs of jeans do YOU have and how many of them have you actually worn (comfortably) in the last year?

This really got me thinking about why we hold so tightly onto the idea that we’re not good enough, attractive enough or confident enough if we can’t fit into the perceived ‘perfect’ sized jeans.

If we continue to hold onto these mountains of jeans (or other clothes) we are living in either the past or the future, always repeating the same negative patterns and never actually living in or enjoying THIS moment.

Instead, we’re stressed and obsessed about forcing our bodies to fit an ideal, and we’re never learning how to make the most of where we are at right now.

Throwing out your jeans does not mean that you’ll forget your goals or never reach them, but maybe it means that you’re ready to REDEFINE what health, happiness and confidence means to you.

So think about how you want to feel:

  • in your body (healthy?)
  • in your life (happy?)
  • in your mindset (confident?)

Then ask yourself if your original goal of losing enough weight to fit into your perfect sized jeans will definitely bring you all of those feelings you’re seeking….?

OR will it just continue to ADD stress and INCREASE the pressure you’re feeling now about having to reach that size because of fear, restriction or force only to then worry about maintaining it?

If you can’t accept yourself as you are now (overweight or not) then what will be different when you do fit into those jeans if food, stressful thoughts and eating will still be controlling your life?

I decided to throw those jeans out. #ThrowOutYourJeans – whether they’re ‘skinny’ or ‘fat’ jeans you’ve been holding onto for years – let go of living in the past and embrace your body beautiful now!

Your jean size does not (nor the scales) determine if you’re healthy, happy and confident, nor anything else you want to feel. Your actions and choices do.

Are YOU ready to throw your skinny/fat jeans out and start afresh with a new approach?

Take a deep breath and commit to yourself. 

I’m here to help.


Viki  xo

Don’t forget to watch as I show you my jeans collection, why I was holding onto them, and why I decided to THROW THEM OUT!!

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