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How to Let Go to be Happy, Healthy and Free

How to Let Go to be Happy, Healthy and Free
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Are you afraid of change?

Sometimes we hold on to unhealthy habits, memories or relationships for fear of loneliness, resentment and uncertainty. We remain stuck in limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours. Our happiness, health and feelings are severely compromised when we remain closed and negative to life’s possibilities.

In these moments of internal pain, we never ask ourselves these two important questions:

  • Is what I’m holding onto what I really, truly want?
  • Ideally what would I rather take hold of to feel happy, healthy and free?

For many years I held onto words: hurtful, horrible, hateful words that people had said to me in my youth. I didn’t want to forget these words because I didn’t want to let go of the pain they caused me.

By holding onto the pain I was able to justify my belief that other people were responsible for how I felt. I thought that by seeing me so angry and indignant, they would feel my pain and know that they were to blame. In some roundabout way, I thought I was making them ‘pay’…

My health, happiness, lifestyle and stress levels suffered painfully. I became hormonally and metabolically unbalanced through many years of an eating disorder, which was only punishing myself. I held onto these words that wound me up tighter and tighter: mentally, emotionally and physically. I couldn’t see a life without this focus because it was all I had thought about for years – and it always kept me from realising my true potential in life.

It wasn’t until many years and tears later that I slowly became aware of my own responsibility: that to be truly happy within myself, I had to let go of the things that were keeping me in a state of pain, fear, loneliness and despair.

This heavily involved me forgiving others for the hurtful words they used, the horrible feelings it left me carrying around, and the hateful accusations that I feared to be true.

It took a long time.

When you let go of what you don’t want, you make room for something you do want.

When I released the fear, isolation and justification of holding onto something I didn’t really want in my life, I chose to replace it with comfort, safety and responsibility. To do that, I had to stop blaming others for how I was feeling and be responsible for my own feelings.

In my personal and professional experience, letting go of the negative aspects of your life, makes room for more positive ones to be created. I replaced my old negative self-talk with a loving, forgiving and accepting mindset that has opened the world up to me in so many positive, fulfilling and surprising ways.

If you want so much more for yourself than to be angry, anxious, fearful, overwhelmed or stressed all the time, now is the moment to change your focus and your life.

Honestly ask yourself now:

  1. What do I really, truly want in my life? (i.e. What do I want more than being stuck in this never-ending cycle of negativity, pain and problems?)
  1. What do I need to let go of in my life in order to make room for what I really, truly want?

In case you weren’t aware, you actually have a choice.

Make it REAL! Write it down and commit to making one small change TODAY!


Wishing you vibrant health and whole-self nourishment,

Viki  xo


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