Rapid Transformational Therapy, Holistic Coaching, Weight Loss, Stress, Depression, Eating Disorders


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Viki’s events are full of laughter, learning and lots of love! Take your health, happiness, relaxation and wellbeing to a higher level of understanding with informative, educational and inspiring workshops, group coaching and retreats that create inner transformation!

Let Viki make it easy for you to skip over the nonsense and get back to basics. Avoid the frustration, clear up the confusion, and learn to connect with your inner wisdom in making the right health choices for you. Once you learn how the mind-body-food connection works, you’ll be on your healthier, happier way with tools, strategies, life lessons and clarity!



Women’s Wellness Talks Toowoomba

The Women’s Wellness Seminar Series includes a FULL and fun day focusing on holistic health, lifestyle and wellness topics.

Self-Care and Meditation Retreat

The Women’s Wellness Retreat is a 4 day soulful getaway to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

The Wellness Events are a great opportunity to gather together, put yourself first and learn HOW to take the best care of your mind, body, emotions and lifestyle!



Group Shot

Raw & Heathy Chocolate Workshop:

Learn the awesome nutritional benefits of 100% raw cacao. Includes dangers of sugar, natural substitutes and 5 family friendly chocolate recipes and eBook. Unrefined, unprocessed, naturally sweetened, dairy free, gluten free and mostly vegan!

Raw & Healthy Desserts Workshop:

Learn how to make delicious and creamy raw desserts, and rich sauces to compliment, that are free from refined sugar, gluten, grains, eggs and dairy!

Use real food substitutes to create mouthwatering cheesecakes, caramel tarts, slices and decadent mousse desserts!

Natural Skincare Workshop:

An informative and fun workshop teaching you how to make the most popular personal care products at home, and get started on reducing your chemical load.  Avoid harmful and hormone-disrupting chemicals and toxins by making your own cost-effective and natural skincare at home – that really works!

Meditation & Managing Stress:

Connect with your body on a deeper level by understanding your stress signals and triggers, the stress and relaxation responses, simply and easily applied techniques to centre your focus and concentration, and quiet a busy mind. Experience true inner peace, centeredness and rejuvenation. Feel empowered with the knowledge of self-awareness and daily self-love actions to nourish mind, body and spirit.

Understanding Food & Your Mood:

Sit back and get comfortable as Viki explains the mind, body, food connection! Our body relies on the quality of nutrients we intake to produce the hormones and neurotransmitters for optimum function. Discover which foods provide the greatest neuro-nutrients for our brain, mood and health, and connect the dots between what you eat and how you feel.


Real Food Cooking Demos & Recipes:

Let’s get in the kitchen and cook up some goodness! Viki is busy and knows you are too, so learn how to create healthy, wholesome, whole food dishes that are quick, easy and delicious! One bowl, one food processor, one blender! Caters for various dietary preferences and intolerances.

Make Peace With Your Adrenals:

Understand the stress response and how it affects your long-term health, vitality and happiness. Learn empowering ways to reduce and manage stress, nourish and support your system, and make peace with your overworked adrenal glands. Discover creative ways to energise mind, body and spirit on a daily basis to calm, relax and recharge your system!

Other Popular Workshop Topics that can be tailored for your club or office:

  • Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • The MindBodyFood Connection: Understanding your moods
  • Relax Your Adrenals & Recharge Your Life
  • Love Your Body, Release Your Weight
  • Clean & Colourful Everyday Nutrition
  • Real Food for Energy, Digestive Health and Clarity
  • Balancing Mind, Body & Mood for Stress, Anxiety, Depression


Group Classes

Viki also conducts smaller workshops and group classes for local community organisations and corporate businesses. Host your own special occasion party and help others lead a healthier, happier and less stressed lifestyle! MindBodyFood comes to you and makes your experience comfortable, enjoyable and educational!

Click Here for more information.


Special Events and Fundraising

If you are an individual or company wishing to learn about the benefits of Holistic Living, Meditation, Stress and Eating, or have a special event that you’d like Viki to speak or teach at, please make contact to discuss your needs.

Viki is especially passionate in contributing to empowering causes or fundraising events. If you have such an event and would like Viki to contribute in some way, please contact her directly via viki@mindbodyfood.net


NB: All workshops are conducted by Viki with the occasional Guest Speaker to increase your learning and keep it interesting!

The MindBodyFood Coach

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