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Do you suffer from belly fat, sugar cravings and tiredness?

Do you suffer from belly fat, sugar cravings and tiredness?
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Mood swings, sugar cravings, belly fat!

When I entered into a purposeful recovery from my Bulimia Nervosa, I really didn’t know much at all about just how much I’d confused my hormones.

I had no understanding whatsoever about how our food literally creates our hormones and chemical messengers to transport information and feedback between the body and brain.

I didn’t understand biochemistry, or blood chemistry, and I certainly didn’t realise how food chemistry affected brain chemistry – I hated science and maths at school!

Now I do know these things. I’ve researched, I’ve suffered, I’ve lost and I’ve gained.

And now I can share it with you…

When your diet is high in processed, refined and packaged foods (think bread, pasta, soft-drink, lollies) these often empty and chemical compounds disrupt the natural balance of hormones in the body (especially when you’re stressed and dieting), and creates a situation where sugar (glucose) builds up within the bloodstream.

If you aren’t regularly eating real and whole foods that are nutrient rich, then you may be lacking vital or essential nutrients that our bodies need to regulate health, inner balance, energy, moods, weight, wellness and concentration, because sugar keeps getting in the way inducing cravings for more.

So what exactly is Metabolic Syndrome?

Ever heard the term, Insulin Resistance? Insulin is released by the pancreas to transport glucose into our cells, but when we have an over-consumption of high carbohydrate foods, Insulin has a harder time escorting the glucose and eventually has to store it in the fat cells.

You see, when the body is constantly experiencing high levels of sugar in the bloodstream, Insulin is constantly trying to deal with it. When the cells begins to “resist” Insulin’s attempts to store glucose in them for energy, the body becomes “insulin resistant” – also known as metabolic syndrome, or Syndrome X.

The illness involves weight gain around the belly, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Symptoms can include tiredness, foggy thinking, irritability, mood swings, sugar cravings and problems sleeping.

Worst thing is, you’re prime ripe for developing Diabetes!

What can you do?

Firstly, recognise if you do indeed have a high carbohydrate diet of processed, packaged and refined sugars – remember they’re hidden everywhere in packaged food! Are you having mood swings, uncontrollable or unconscious sugar cravings, and/or developing stubborn belly fat that won’t budge?

Be honest with yourself…. it’s your health we’re talking about.

Secondly, although GP’s don’t normally test your insulin levels, you can request to have this test and determine whether you may in fact have metabolic syndrome, which is causing all kinds of havoc to your cravings and waistline. At least this will give you a reading of your insulin levels before they really get out of control.

Thirdly, start looking at swapping your processed, packaged and refined foods for more vegetables, nuts, seeds and quality sources of protein. Best to keep your fruit intake low until you stabilise your blood sugar first. Perhaps taking chromium may help.

Protein helps to satiate your body’s cells and is best included at every meal.

Next, consider your lifestyle.

Look at all the areas of your life that could be contributing to your eating habits: family, work, exercise (lack of), stress, leisure, diet and purpose/passions.

> What are you doing to help yourself feel nourished in these areas to assist in balancing out your true hunger and needs?

I suffered from Insulin Resistance for many years along with Adrenal Fatigue because I’d turned my hormones upside down with diet, restriction, excess, stress, worry and neglect. I eventually found my way after a lot of wrong turns, but now I’m here with the experience and knowledge to help YOU – if you’re ready.

Remember, Metabolic Syndrome is completely reversible when you get help and start helping yourself. You’ve only got your belly fat, fatigue and sugar cravings to lose, and all the health, vitality and happiness to gain!

If you don't take care of your body where will you live

Take care of yourself

Viki  xo



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