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Code of Ethics

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Professional Code of Ethics

I, Viki Thondley, as a Holistic Health Professional and Practitioner, commit to delivering and upholding the following:

  1. Hold the responsibility to deliver the utmost care, respect and consideration for my clients at all times.
  2. Provide all tools, strategies, methods and training within my skill level to serve the best interests of my clients.
  3. Serve those in need irrespective of nationality, sex, age, marital status, race, culture, creed, political views or social standing.
  4. Respect the rights, dignity and confidentiality of each individual client.
  5. Ensure the role of facilitating health, healing and wellbeing of the individual through an eclectic use of healing methods and information and resources, for the purposes of treating the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  6. Uphold the highest degree of personal and professional integrity during all client contact times and will conduct myself in a professional manner reflected in standards of dress, cleanliness, speech and behaviour.
  7. Commit to providing personalised care, knowledgeable services and information in a clean, comfortable, private atmosphere, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of each client.
  8. Maintain a high level of professional competence, seeking always to improve my standard and skills.
  9. Encourage clients to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.
  10. Ensure that advertisements clearly state my qualifications and not make claims to be able to cure diseases.
  11. Encourage clients to seek out a medical practitioner who most closely meets their personal needs, and to seek the advice and help of their doctor whenever appropriate.
  12. Ensure that clients are advised to seek medical opinion whenever any concerning symptoms appear.
  13. As a Holistic Health Professional I will never offer a medical diagnosis or prognosis as this is the role of a medical doctor or suitably qualified primary contact practitioner.


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