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3 and 6 month individually tailored programs, in person or via Skype & email from anywhere in the world!

Are your current lifestyle, mindset and eating habits creating the health, happiness, weight, energy and wellness you desire?

Does this sound like YOU?

  • skip meals
  • eat on the run
  • struggle with cravings
  • worry about your weight
  • hate your body
  • have digestive upsets
  • lack energy
  • feel unmotivated to exercise
  • struggle to concentrate
  • wake up through the night
  • have excess body fat (especially around the belly)
  • suffer from stress and worry/overwhelm
  • can’t seem to reduce your weight no matter what you try

Learn how to define, plan and create a lifestyle that supports your health and wellness goals with one-on-one personalised coaching to empower, energise, heal and improve every aspect of your health, fitness and well-being!

It’s time to create a self-care plan, a relaxation schedule and incorporate stress release practices into your daily life! You’ll be happier, healthier and lighter – long term.

Personalised MindBodyFood Lifestyle Program with Viki

V in the Kitchen

I’ll teach you the principles of mind-body nutrition, eating psychology and hormone balancing with education on healing, holistic living and lifestyle for whole-self nourishment, exercise and stress management.

Understand yourself better and change past mental programming keeping you stuck in negative self-talk, and unhealthy habits and behaviours.

Learn to think about and approach your life in a “whole” new way. Create daily self-care practices to enhance your sense of inner peace, resilience and well-being with fun and enjoyable movement and breath.

Be aware of the influences of brain, body and food chemistry for optimum health and wellbeing. Introduce a new variety of nutrient dense foods and recipes to energise your mind and body with quality nutrients and sustained energy.

Without judgement or unrealistic expectations, become comfortable and confident with the process of change via small yet significant daily steps. Rapidly notice more energy, improved moods, better sleep, greater focus and reduced cravings!

Along your journey identify strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, develop new skills and fulfil your needs. All while learning how to nourish your cells with real food for energy, focus and hormone balancing.


> Look in the mirror and love your reflection?

> Feel positive about yourself and your life?

> Live the life you are dreaming of?

You CAN. It starts with your MINDSET and it can start NOW!


Look at the FULL program HERE!


Your Self Investment for the MindBodyFood Lifestyle Program (in-Person or via Skype Coaching):

3 Months Life Balance & Well-being Package: 12 x weekly sessions = $380 p/mth x 3

6 Months Freedom & Recovery Program: 24 x weekly sessions = $360 p/mth x 6


Each initial one-on-one personalised session with me is 1.5 hours duration. Subsequent package sessions are 1 hour for both in-person and Skype sessions. Personal folders, coaching worksheets, informational reading, healthy recipes, eBooks, meditation CD’s, additional resources, and in-between correspondence via text and email are all included. Monthly and fortnightly payment plans are available to effectively ‘pay as you go’.


Your Personalised MindBodyFood Lifestyle Program <


Are you ready to feel happy, healthy, confident and free?

Woman on Bicycle with Legs Outstretched

Let’s get started creating your new mindset, body & life!

Your Personalised MindBodyFood Lifestyle Program <


Grateful Words:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you did for our daughter. Helping her conquer her eating problems and depression. She now is able to set herself goals and is a happy, healthy young lady. We are really appreciative of all that you did for her. I will also be recommending you to others if their child is having difficulties as well.  Thank you so much.” – I. and H. Hedges


V Walking

Viki Thondley

Holistic Health Counsellor, Mind-Body Wellness & Eating Psychology Expert (specialising in WholeFood, Stress Management & Meditation), Wellness, Food and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach.




If you require more in-depth assistance with mindset, behaviour change, emotional healing or stress and life balance, please take a look at my Holistic Counselling page.

If you suffer from an Eating Disorder and require recovery Holistic Counselling and Coaching, please take a look at my Eating Disorder page.

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