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Breast Cancer and the BRCA tests – My Personal Story

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My Personal Story

Breast Cancer and the BRCA Tests

I felt compelled to write this newsletter after watching and listening to all the media talk on Angelina Jolie’s choice for a double mastectomy after the results of her BRCA tests.

I’m sure there are many other women (and men) out there in a similar position who have spent a split second wondering if they made the right choice because of a celebrity making hers, or who are now beginning to wonder about their own health in this area after seeing the news.

As this media announcement is personal to my own circumstances, I am sharing my story here for you to expand your awareness and instinct for the journey that you may be on. I share in the hope that it helps others to make their own decisions, regardless of what is popular in the media.

As someone who has a significant family history of breast cancer, a smaller history of ovarian cancer, lost my mother at 54 to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and with various other cancers scattered on both sides of my family tree (including my nephew who had leukaemia at 2 – now 17), just thinking about whether to have the BRCA tests caused me to focus on thoughts of “what if?” in a scary, unknown future.

The fact is, the future is unknown anyway.

Having had several mammograms over the last few years – which I am aware can contribute to the growth of breast cancer cells through radiation exposure and now only being two months shy of 39 – I was already feeling my mind and body responding to negative thoughts about even making the decision.

Just contemplating what the results might mean was impacting my life in a negative way.

I decided that whether I had the tests or not, it would not guarantee any specific future outcome i.e. carrying the gene does not guarantee that I will get breast cancer, alternatively even if I am not carrying the gene, I am not guaranteed that I will NOT get breast cancer – or ovarian cancer.
Either way, even just having to consider the consequences, unanswered questions and fear of the future by debating with myself and loved ones whether to have the test or not, was causing me a degree of mental, emotional and physical stress in every moment of thinking about it.

Knowing the answer would then possibly bring about MORE mental, emotional and physical stress, which ultimately would not serve my overall energy state in remaining positive, strong and determined within my own mind and every cell in my body.

As I have dedicated myself and my life to living the best life possible by teaching, guiding and educating others to do the same for themselves, I made the choice not to have the tests and just get busy living the life I am most happy living – in alignment with my own personal philosophy of balancing my thoughts, emotions, exercise and eating.

This is most definitely a personal choice for every woman (or man) faced with this possibility. I do fear however that the misinformation and over exposure of celebrities choices, may lead others to lose their personal power by allowing the unknown future – whatever it may be – a greater monopoly over the present moment and how one chooses to live for the best future possible, by focusing on living in the best possible way NOW.

I offer this personal information in the hope that you will listen to your own instincts and resolve to make the best possible decisions for YOU, according to the life you are determined to create within yourself.

There is no right or wrong way for such a personal journey, only that you follow your own path in creating it.

Educate yourself and then listen to your inner voice..

With love

Viki   xo


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