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Are You Eating Your Feelings & Emotions?

Are You Eating Your Feelings & Emotions?
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Do you EAT your feelings?

It might be a fear of not being good enough, a tendency to follow instead of speak up, or simply daily life challenges building up. When you find yourself emotional eating, have you ever thought about what it is you’re trying to avoid?

The most effective way of overcoming emotional eating is to FEEL your feelings instead of pushing them way down into your cells and piling food on top of them. Change and uncertainty take time to adjust to.

The longer you ignore, discard or push aside what you are TRULY feeling, the deeper they will go in persisting that you finally attend to them, and the greater the fear you will develop at doing so.

This increases tension and stress within the body, releasing more stress hormones that wreak havoc with your metobolism and fat storage.

What do you love to do that relaxes and calms you for fun? Make time for it everyday to help calm your nervous system and settle your hormones.

Emotions, feelings and moods are created from our mindset and beliefs:-

  • What are you really thinking about everything that has happened to you?
  • Is what you believe about your situation true for you or merely your fear taking hold?
  • How do you want your life to be?

Start creating it with your thoughts and beliefs and soon your emotions, mood and feelings will begin to change.

Feelings are meant to be felt as they are our internal guidance system. Don’t be afraid of them, embrace them! And then you will see there is less to fear and more to look forward to in making your new situation work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.



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