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Achieving Your Wellness

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Achieve Your Wellness Coaching Program!

A 12 week positive change program for Mind, Body, Spirit & Food

A 12 week comprehensive wellness coaching plan designed using my ‘Achieving Your Wellness’ workbook with me as your personal guide. Follow a motivational and inspiring health and wellness plan designed to guide you step by step from overwhelm, confusion and low energy to wellness, happiness and abundance in all areas of your life!

My 90 page wellness coaching workbook prepares your mindset and behaviours to create lasting habits for life. It also contains thorough action worksheets for every day of your twelve week journey along with my weekly phone coaching guidance and email support.

The Achieving Your Wellness coaching program* includes:

  • My 90 page ‘Achieving Your Wellness’ coaching workbook and Beginners Meditation CD (value $19)
  • 45-minute weekly coaching sessions + specific and attainable action steps (12 sessions)
  • Email support and inspiration between sessions
  • Recipes to support your health, healing and wellnessFree in Poppies
  • Positive thinking skills to increase personal awareness & create a successful mindset
  • Relaxation techniques to reduce stress, mental overload & muscle tension
  • Problem solving & stress management strategies to help you manage stress effectively
  • Recognise & fulfil ALL areas of your life with proactive self-management
  • Holistic Whole-Self Wellness approach (Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion)
  • Additional resources tailored especially for you!

Additional information and resources may include:

  • Eating psychology concepts and behaviours
  • Mind-Body Nutrition approaches
  • Nutritional endocrinology and adrenal assessment
  • Meditation and Neuroplasticity
  • Exercise and movement

Learn to think about and approach your life in a “whole” new way, all while learning how to nourish your cells for improved energy, mood, sleep, concentration, digestion, health and hormone balancing.

Create a well-balanced and comprehensive plan for positive holistic change!Achieving Your Wellness Book Cover Amazon Kindle

The Achieving Your Wellness workbook contains:

  • A Comprehensive Wellbeing Assessment to get you started on your wellness journey
  • Strengths audit
  • Values Identification
  • Life Charting exercise to envision your preferred lifestyle
  • Personal needs assessment
  • Thorough preparation worksheets to clarify goals and identify obstacles
  • Decisional balance sheet to clarify mental fears and obstacles
  • Solution focused weekly evaluation sheets for problem solving and powerful goal planning
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Body Review Sheet
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Short and long term goal planners

One step at a time, create daily acts of self-care and belief, leading to new habits, new perspective and greater self-awareness – all with a holistic and mindful approach.

Wellness coaching encourages you to:

  • Recognise your strengths
  • Choose your own values
  • Define your personal needs
  • Realise your full potential
  • Use positive psychology and mindset techniques
  • Release limiting beliefs and create a powerful and positive mindset
  • Understand self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Align your beliefs with your actions


You CAN Achieve Your Wellness!

*Please note: The 12 week “Achieving Your Wellness” positive change program is best suited for motivated individuals who thrive on a guided plan of action, support and accountability. I’ll be there with you every step of the way helping you reach your full potential but you must be ready to help yourself and take achievable daily action steps!


Get ready to change your mindset, body and life!

Also available is the MindBodyFood Personalised Program with Viki


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