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  1. This is my Beautiful 40 year old Body
    3-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  2. Coconut Cacao Banana Cake [Recipe]
    2-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  3. Yoga and Meditation Term in Highfields, Darling Downs
    25-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  4. Are your Cravings really an Addiction?
    22-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  5. Raw Chocolate Fudge Wheel [Recipe]
    19-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  6. Are Your Cravings Real?
    17-Sep-14 • 1 Comment
  7. Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry [Recipe]
    12-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  8. Green Smoothies and Raw Chocolate Food Demonstration
    5-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  9. Foodie Friday – Share a Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipe
    5-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  10. Is Your Food Making You Sick?
    2-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  11. How to Slow Down, Take Stock and Enjoy Life More
    28-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  12. Coconut Chocolate Cake with Creamy Chocolate Frosting [Recipe]
    24-Aug-14 • 1 Comment
  13. How to Create Healthy Personal Boundaries
    24-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  14. Nutty Choc Granola Recipe
    15-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  15. Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain?
    10-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  16. Meditation Basics and Dr Ian Gawler
    4-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  17. Free eBook on My 40th Birthday!
    29-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  18. My 40th Birthday Giveaway + Salty Caramel Tart Recipe!
    28-Jul-14 • 1 Comment
  19. The Quickest Way to Healing
    23-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  20. The Slow Down Diet / FREE Eating Psychology Online Conference
    11-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  21. Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much.
    10-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  22. My Easy Roasted Salted Caramel Macadamia Nuts
    5-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  23. How My Late Mother Inspired My First Wellness Retreat
    3-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  24. Eating Psychology Conference 2014
    3-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  25. Let go of Anger and Find Inner Peace
    26-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  26. Benefits of Meditation to Reduce Anxiety
    24-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  27. Gluten Free Grain Free Banana Bread Recipe
    13-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  28. How Food Can Improve Your Mood
    30-May-14 • Comments Off
  29. 10 Tips to Stress Less Now!
    27-May-14 • Comments Off
  30. Reflections on Food Addiction From a Recovered Former Addict
    23-May-14 • Comments Off
  31. 3 Ways to Create Confidence and Build Your Self-Image
    23-May-14 • Comments Off
  32. Trust Your Inner Wisdom (and break free from Dieting)
    20-May-14 • Comments Off
  33. How to make the most Tastiest Healthy Basil Pesto (Recipe)
    16-May-14 • Comments Off
  34. I Miss My Mother on Mother’s Day But I Remember What She Taught Me
    11-May-14 • Comments Off
  35. Do You Have to do This at Parties?
    6-May-14 • Comments Off
  36. This One Thing Can Change Your Life
    2-May-14 • Comments Off
  37. How toxic food is endangering our future (Join the Food Revolution!)
    25-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  38. Taking Action Creates Wonderful Opportunites
    17-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  39. Do You Feel Safe in Your Body?
    14-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  40. FREE ONLINE SCREENING “Lose the Stress, Lose the Weight”
    8-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  41. How to Stress Less & Love Yourself More
    6-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  42. Lose the Stress and Lose the Weight
    4-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  43. Healthy Raw Chocolate Workshop in Toowoomba!
    3-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  44. What Works When Dieting Doesn’t
    27-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  45. Gluten Free Grain Free Dairy Free Bread Recipe!
    24-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  46. Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake with Salty Caramel & Choc Sauce
    22-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  47. How Mind-Body Stress is Causing Your Weight Gain
    20-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  48. Take positive steps forward and climb mountains of fitness
    9-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  49. Benefits of Blending Your Greens for Vitality, Health & Wellbeing
    4-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  50. The Most Important Message You’ll Read Today
    1-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  51. Peppermint Slice Recipe Paleo Raw Vegan Unrefined
    23-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  52. Transform your mind, body and life for wellness
    12-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  53. Healthy & Easy Sweet Summer Rolls
    12-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  54. Women’s Wellness & Meditation Retreat Sneak Peek + Q & A with Viki
    9-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  55. How I let go of holiday stress & returned to energy, balance & breath
    29-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  56. How to Combat Stress in Daily Life + New Toowoomba Meditation Classes
    24-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  57. New Women’s Wellness & Meditation Retreat in 2014!
    20-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  58. Do you measure your worth by your weight?
    20-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  59. Let Go in 2014 – Your New Years Resolutions
    2-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  60. Create your Happiest, Healthiest and most Confident self in 2014!
    30-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  61. Merry Christmas + Happy Eating Tips on Xmas Day
    24-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  62. How to Make a Dark Raw Chocolate Pizza
    24-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  63. How to Make Worry Your Best Friend
    15-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  64. Healthy Sexy Slow Eating
    6-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  65. Healthy Chocolate Mousse | Dairy & Sugar Free, Vegan, Paleo
    5-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  66. Be Thankful to be Healthy: Scientific Proof that Gratitude Improves Your Health
    29-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  67. Natural, Functional and Fun Movement for Energy, Strength and Weight Loss
    26-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  68. 5 Foods to Uplift A Depressed Mind
    25-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  69. Naturally Sweetened Energy Slice Recipe
    23-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  70. Sugar Facts For Your Health & Waistline
    20-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  71. My Updated Basic Raw Dark Chocolate Recipe
    15-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  72. A Look At Our Home Herb & Vegetable Garden!
    6-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  73. Raw Macadamia Chocolate Cheesecake with Pepita Seed Base Recipe
    1-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  74. 9 Health Benefits of Pepita (Pumpkin) Seeds
    1-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  75. Do you suffer from belly fat, sugar cravings and tiredness?
    31-Oct-13 • 2 Comments
  76. Gluten, Grain, Nut, Dairy, Yeast, Sugar FREE Date Muffins Recipe!
    26-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  77. 3 tips for Self-Care & Looking After YOU!
    18-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  78. Learn Raw Chocolate Making Secrets in My Kitchen!
    13-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  79. Organic Food and Farming | Benefits and Tips
    11-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  80. Specialty Raw Chocolate Workshops in Toowoomba
    6-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  81. Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Chia Seed Jam
    5-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  82. The Benefits of Chia Seeds + Blueberry Chia Seed Jam
    4-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  83. Upcoming Workshop with Essential Oils and Chocolate!
    2-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  84. What My One-Legged Grandfather Taught Me About Life
    2-Oct-13 • 4 Comments
  85. Reaching Your Goals on the Road Ahead
    23-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  86. Spicy Hummus MindBodyFood Style!
    21-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  87. Raw Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes with Basil Blueberry Jam
    20-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  88. My Week of Making Raw Chocolate Pralines!
    20-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  89. How to Create Life Balance and Fulfil Your Needs
    17-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  90. Achieve Your Wellness NOW!
    12-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  91. Easy Healthy Beetroot Dip
    12-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  92. Gluten Free Pizza Base [Recipe]
    30-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  93. Do You Love or Hate Your Body?
    19-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  94. Healthy GF Orange Poppyseed Muffins with Sweet Caramel Frosting
    11-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  95. Are Your Adrenals Fatigued? The Dangers of Stress
    2-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  96. What is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT?
    25-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  97. Stress Kills! Find Your Triggers and Take Action!
    18-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  98. NEW Meditation Term & Stress Management Classes in Toowoomba
    15-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  99. July Toowoomba Meditation Course, Classes & Chocolate Workshop
    11-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  100. Clean Eating Raw Vegan Paleo Citrus Cheesecake Recipe
    7-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  101. Awaken to Your Inner Silence
    1-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  102. How To Make Brown Rice Chocolate Puffs – Video Recipe!
    27-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  103. Hormones & Hypothyroidism – NEW Video Interview!
    21-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  104. Love and Acceptance: reconnecting to self
    17-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  105. Heal Your Digestive Issues – Viki Thondley Interviews Scott Mathias
    16-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  106. HOW You Eat is Just As Important As WHAT You Eat and WHEN!
    2-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  107. Is Your Food Really Food?
    26-May-13 • Comments Off
  108. Breast Cancer and the BRCA tests – My Personal Story
    15-May-13 • Comments Off
  109. Easy Chocolate Delights Workshop in Toowoomba was AWESOME!
    12-May-13 • Comments Off
  110. Watch my MindBodyFood TV interview on Managing Stress
    26-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  111. Raw Chocolate Making Workshop with Super Foods in Toowoomba
    24-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  112. Stress contributes to 90% of the diseases we suffer from today
    21-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  113. Top 5 Natural Sweeteners
    13-Apr-13 • 1 Comment
  114. NEW Toowoomba Meditation Classes I Orange Almond Cake
    11-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  115. Ho’oponopono Meditation: A Way to Healing and Forgiveness
    1-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  116. Deep Breathing for Stress Management
    1-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  117. Digestion, Bloating, Gas and Gut Health – New Interview!
    1-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  118. How to Manage Time For a Balanced Life
    19-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  119. Viki & MindBodyFood in THIS WKD’s GoodLife Wellbeing Lift Out!
    16-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  120. Achieve Your Wellness!
    14-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  121. How to Create a Wellness Vision
    12-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  122. Number One Cause of Fat and Diabetes
    4-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  123. How to Make Raw, Healthy & Guilt-Free Chocolate!
    27-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  124. Happy SELF-LOVE Day!
    14-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  125. Toowoomba Meditation Classes
    12-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  126. Nourish Yourself
    31-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  127. Visualisation for a happy mind, body and soul
    31-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  128. Your Health is Everything! Overcome Limiting Beliefs to Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals
    18-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  129. Are You Eating Your Feelings & Emotions?
    4-Jan-13 • 1 Comment
  130. Chocolate Rum Balls!
    16-Dec-12 • Comments Off
  131. You ARE Good Enough!
    30-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  132. 5 Steps for Creating Change
    26-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  133. How To Be Grateful in a Challenging World
    23-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  134. Get Your Body in Motion to Still Your Mind – Elemental Movement Meditation
    5-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  135. 31 Ways to Feel Beautiful
    1-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  136. EASY Nutrition for Health & Weight Management
    15-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  137. Where does your happiness come from?
    8-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  138. How to Let Go to be Happy, Healthy and Free
    20-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  139. Maximise the POWER of your Breath!
    17-Jul-12 • 1 Comment
  140. Make Your Life Happen!
    16-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  141. Conscious Versus Subconscious
    27-May-12 • Comments Off
  142. Self-Talk
    25-May-12 • Comments Off
  143. Love Your Body, Live Your Life
    17-May-12 • Comments Off
  144. Recovering from Bulimia
    17-May-12 • Comments Off
  145. How to Change Your Thinking With Affirmations
    17-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  146. You Are Fabulous!
    11-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  147. What is Your Worth?
    2-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  148. Do It Anyway!
    2-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  149. Breathing 101
    6-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  150. My Hungry Heart – emotional eating
    23-Dec-11 • Comments Off
  151. What is Stress?
    17-Dec-11 • Comments Off
  152. Losing Weight for Health
    23-Nov-11 • Comments Off
  153. Body-Image
    30-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  154. Emotional Eating
    30-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  155. Welcome to MindBodyFood !
    24-Oct-11 • Comments Off

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